We all dye and die, is this a happy color?

The concept I named Dien came from a comment upon the similarity of the two words dye and die after a verbal tutoring in English, my presentation got a bit more morbid than what I originally thought. Later in the evening I googled and found a site that stated that there was a word; Dien, that was their shared ancestor. The word Dien, is an old homograph from middle english, which then meant both to die naturally and to dye. In my work I am lifting up this word again as a concept within matter-based dye

Let’s talk about the act of dyeing and using it as a recording/ visualisation. In autumn and with rainwater, I got very similar shades from both cigarette butts and yellow fallen leaves from birch, both filling the streets at that time of the year. It’s not about the color that is through the process created, but more about the inbetween that has happened. An in between of the dye matter, the water, the record material, the dyer, a unique shade because of all four, or five or six. The water around us flows within a manmade system, the material is man made and shipped around the globe, the dye matter is affected by the soil that we planted it in. The material we make with, live with, are affected by the pre-making of it, and we will all be affected by the after. Maybe we can say that we are all dying ourselves with the food we are eating, the trees we plant, the areas we build, the cigarettes we smoke, the chemicals we add into water, the travels we make and the air we all must breathe. What shade do we give the earth? Is this a pretty color? This is the concept of Dien, where dirt, dye and dying all are connected and visual in a shade of color from our everyday outdoor.