Soft Society

If our city, the city we all live in, was a snail, then the stone structure and concrete buildings would be its shell, giving us a hard surface to face against the wind and if it starts to rain we can always slide back inside. The snail itself would be us, the citizens, moving the shell slowly in different directions. Textile, this soft matter in this snail story, I believe, would be the direct trace of the snail, a slimy small trace that soon will be gone, but it´s also the only proof that there´s been a snail recently in this particular shell. However we are not one snail, we are many, living and walking around in different paces throughout the city and taking shelter in different places. Textile might really be our shell, growing and changing with us, carrying our stories of our home and surrounding, a trace of individuals on the concrete blocks.

The ongoing project Soft Society revolves around textile’s ability to absorb and showcase their surroundings through the collected marks and stains from usage. My degree project at Kostfack has turned that memory and storytelling aspect around and worked with cloth as a recording material in urban areas, by twisting and using techniques based on natural dye. Through ongoing walking, collecting and dyeing, the city has been addressed through urban textiles, textiles out of place, and given an alternative storyline to our shared spaces — a storyline of a material culture that may be easy to just walk pass. It forms a thready and temporary record of our fragile moment right here and now.